Zion. [US Roadtrip 2022]

“Don’t just hit the big National Parks, also go to the smaller State Parks,” I hear Byron’s voice echoing in my head when we made Zion our stop.

I find it fascinating how quickly special places become big tourist magnets. Not just with National Parks. 

And yet, although paved roads, oversized RVs, shuttle buses, and gift shops, these places still hold there beauty. 

When you slow down, close your eyes, breathe, and look into the orange sandstone canyon, walk the narrow river between the tall rising walls, or just sit and watch the animal life coming back – there is so much beauty in this world. 

They are a good reminder to explore our neighborhood with the same awe and joy.

The tightrope act of conservation or restoration in these brittle environments was all the same fascinating to observe. 

You can’t unsee things once you’ve started to look at land through the ecosystem processes. 

How could these parks fully express themselves if they were managed to regenerate?

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  1. Truly amazing places around every corner!

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