West Bijou Reflections [US Roadtrip 2022]

The days passed by quickly at West Bijou. Checking on the bison at sunrise became meditation, a morning ritual I will miss.

Together with the others, I dove deeper into Holistic Management and learned more than I could have wished for – from the place, the animals, and the people. Byron facilitated our questions and curiosity masterly and weaved everything together with his knowledge and wisdom into a rich experience.

I’ve met wonderful, inspiring people who I can now call friends. I am looking forward to meet them all at some point in their context, on their farms, in their ecoregion.

We all left with a deep feeling of connection and renewed hope. Active hope.

Hope as a verb, not a passive state.

I am deeply grateful for the days.

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  1. What an amazing experience! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

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