Mrs? Mrs! [Our Nomadic Life 2022 – Doubtfire, Copenhagen (Denmark)]

Part 1 -Before

Okay, the cheese is cut. What else?

I sit down, open the fridge door, and take jar after jar out. Are these all the supplies that I’ve got for today’s picnic? Yesterday, I went for some last minute shopping with Dominik to get some good, solid, organic components. The lamb sausages and apple wine I brought from friends’ farms. They have traveled the longest way with us.

While I listen to a playlist Bridget created in 2017 when we first met I chop and pack a lot of small deliciousness. Something glutenfree, something vegan, all hopefully very tasty.

All very uncomplicated. That’s how we wanted it to be.

Outside the kitchen window, the beautiful garden yard of the big apartment block stretches out, nestled in between the houses to all sides. We are on the ground floor again and I’m getting used to watching the life on the other side of the windows. If the neighbors with their bikes and trash bags and kids-off-to-the-kindergarten would look back into my window, they would see a shirtless guy in red swimming shorts twisting, singing, and jumping to the tunes while cutting cheese. 

I’m alone in Doubtfire, our Copenhagen Airbnb. Bridget and her group went out to get their hair done. “See you at the portal!” we told each other when she headed out this morning.

What’s the time?

I reach for my phone. One more hour until I have to leave the apartment for Bridge, her sister and Jess. One hour to get the picnic fully packed and me fully dressed. In three hours we will be married.

I am little nervous. Excited.

I enjoy the time all by myself. Preparing our garden picnic for after the official ceremony, I can already see us sitting, chatting, laughing, and munching. At least that’s how I picture it. That’s how I want to picture it. But my mind can’t think beyond arriving at the Royal Library Garden. Beyond seeing her in her dress for the first time.

I try to calm my mind. Breathe in, breathe out.

Soon I will meet the guys to spend the last two hours together with coffee, some pre-ceremony-snack, and chitchat.

Should I have another coffee? I look at the empty mug next to me which has been my second.

Ah, why not. 

Part 2 – last month

B: How shall we name the next Airbnb? It has to start with a D. 

L: Doubtfire?

B: But it’s ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. That’s the full title. 

L: Exactly, and you will become a “Mrs.” there! See, how that fits!

B: [rolls her eyes]

Part 3 – After

“This is the song I imagined Bridge’s photo montage would have if she ever got married!”

‘I’m a believer’ blasts from Kathleen’s mobile phone. A classic from the Shrek soundtrack. The speaker gives everything it has. “There can’t be a wedding without dancing!”

Bridge looks at me and we both get up from the cozy bench by the harbor and start dancing away. Some improvised Rock ‘n Roll and Disco Fox steps, some swirls and twists. We laugh a lot.

What a crazy wedding this has been.

A weekend with a handful of friends and a relaxed atmosphere in a charming city. Copenhagen brought us the best weather we could have wished for. Well, I guess with these people every weather would have done it. 

“Make every moment slow down and bathe in it. It passes by so quickly.” I hear a mentor’s voice in my head. All the small details, all the small moments.

I think of the unplanned start on Thursday with a surprise evening with Kai and Patrick who had just finished their cycling tour from Berlin. Getting everything and everyone together on Friday, starting with showing our passports at the town hall and enjoying the last private talk before the wedding. Strolling through the sunny streets and collecting one by one our friends, arriving from all directions and means of transportation. Trying funky beers by the river, bought at the Holy Fridge. Mine said Raspberry-Peach-Creme Brulee-Sour. I had to try it. Our get together evening at BRUS where we totally forgot to eat enough. Just to start Saturday right with an Ibuprofen for both Bridget and me.

And it’s still Saturday.

Time slows down on this day that is relaxed yet still filled. Filled with moments, with joy, connection, and love. From our friends, to the official registrars at the Royal Library Garden, to our skipper on the private boat tour, to the distant chatter by all the people at Nyhavn while we sat down for a bit, our feet dangling over the water, watching the colorful houses with a drink in our handy and big smiles on our faces. So much life all around us.

And now, dancing by the opera house to a song played from a mobile phone.

Bridge’s shoe flips and I wonder if it will end up in the water.

It doesn’t. 

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