Leftovers. [Roadtrip around Norway #8]

Sometimes you get so excited while cooking a delicious meal that you cut too many carrots, cook too much pasta or wash a lot of lettuce. “Well, let’s just put them into a container. We will use them with another lunch or supper in the next days.”

And then these days don’t come. I simply forget that the avocado half still sits in the fridge or that there is a small zucchini with brown spots buried underneath the peppers. Or the leftover egg yolk we didn’t need for the cake.

At some point, I scout the fridge. The “what is in this small container?” tells me what I wanted to put into one of the other delicious on spot meals I prepped the last days.

The same happens with the photos we take. I just parked them because they might fit better in another story yet to write about our road trip around Norway. And then the story doesn’t come. I am basically done with all I wanted to tell. I look into my photo fridge to find all these beautiful leftovers.

So, without further ado: These photos were too nice to not share. They are mostly from our days on the Lofoten islands and the hikes we did. What an amazing place with its sharp rock formations.

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