Oregon‘s misty soul. [US Roadtrip 2022.]

I am running down to the shore, half stumbling to the sand that gives way underneath my feet. „I missed you, I missed you so much,“ I am shouting, half in honesty, half in fun.

The Pacific.

The largest and deepest of our oceans.

My ocean.

I always joke that people have a favorite ocean. But I guess it’s actually not a joke. The Pacific is the ocean I feel drawn to the most. It is also the furthest away from my origin in central Europe, so, happy encounters are rather seldom. Or better, they are always intentional. Like a good friend that lives further away. And you don’t see each other that often, sometimes you chat or send each other photos, but when you set the next meeting nothing will stop you to make it there. And be fully present and engaged.

Our word ‚ocean‘ comes from – not a surprise – the old Greek word ὨΚΕΑΝΌΣ. The enormous river encircles the whole world. And of course, coming from the Greeks, the ocean had a divine personification. Standing next to this huge body of water, I would believe in an instant that the Pacific is a being.

Where I stood at the Pacific, on the Southern coast of Oregon, the Tolowa Dee-ni’ once looked at the ocean. They lived by the freshwater watersheds along the coast, where the rivers mouthed into the ocean. Redwoods, salmon, and the Pacific framed the lives of people not too long before me.

I breathe in the salty air. The wind lays ocean mist upon my smiling face. I am here.

What Oregon brought us – next to the Pacific?

  • A “technically still in California, but felt already like Oregon” Redwood forest campground and a beautiful long walk in the old forest.
  • An unplanned “no work, but chatting with the barista and owner” morning at a small town coffee shop.
  • An even more unplanned, spontaneous trip to Portland after the coffee to see the bluegrass band Big Richard that night – what a live performance!
  • A sunny day by the beach, playing rock-paper-scissor where the loser always has to step further into the cold waves of the pacific.
  • Sitting outside with coffee, pastries, and books many small coffee waiting line conversations about the pile of books in front of us.
  • A rock to stand on for the best internet connection.
  • Campfire cooking.
  • Sunrises. And sunset hikes.

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  1. Beautifully written of some wonderful memories!

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