I hear the soft drops hitting the car‘s roof. The sky turned to greys and grey-blues when the last pink of the Sunset disappears on the horizon. It’s quiet, except the rain drops hitting the roof of my car.

I can’t believe how lucky I am.

I almost didn’t make it here this weekend, a little town in the West-south-West of Germany. Corona and some old work tasks made planning difficult until we decided on Friday afternoon that I could come here. ‚We‘ meaning Viviane who runs a training center and together with her partner a farm.

I wanted to see their place and learn from her since December when I first contacted her.

So, instead of sleeping in on Saturday, I got up at 5 am and was on the road at 6. It took me 8 hours to arrive and more than once I questioned the reason behind this trip.

It was worth all the 16 hours of driving there and back. I slept two nights in the car, listened to birds in the morning and rain drops in the evening. During the days I listened to conversations, soaked in every bit of new knowledge about farming arable land and orchards and why elderberries are awesome.

Since I decided to fully dedicate my year 2021 to engage in regenerative farming and learn how to shape holistic organizations – with or without any income – I can’t believe how many doors opened and welcomed me in. How many honest and literal down-to-earth conversations I’ve been in. 

You know, when you have the feeling of being in the right place? When it feels slightly uncomfortable, but you soak in every minute?

Last night, just before I went to sleep in my simple Dacia Logan camping built, all wrapped in my winter sleeping bag, I whispered into the darkness ‚how lucky I am‘. 

I will do this again tonight – with a slightly higher temperature and the sound of rain on grass and car.

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  1. Such an amazing sense of purpose and adventure! Of course you will be successful… you are following your heart…the whole world conspires to make you successful!

    Enjoy every minute! Hope you visit you on your farm someday!!

    Take Care,

    Pat Markovich Direct 613-246-1668


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