Reliving the experience. [Across the Alps 2020]

Words. I love to use words to describe experiences, anecdotes, and stores to others. I love words so much that I sometimes repeat myself and my girlfriend tells me to please stop talking.

Pictures. I remember when Instagram has been “pictures without words”. I enjoyed diving into these worlds of others, using my imagination to create more context around the specific moment. I also remember how unsatisfying it was that the photos I shared didn’t look like the real thing. Like that special moment, I wanted to capture.

So, words found their way back into the scrolling and swiping. Sometimes to guide the viewer and give more hints to the experience I wanted to create.

And then there’s moving pictures with sounds and voices to immerse in the atmosphere at that specific moment. If you have been in the experience yourself you need only a split second to be fully engaged at the moment again. You can hear, smell, and feel it.

When I took my small camera on the trip across the Alps I thought beforehand if I wanted the extra 116gram of weight in my limited space. I would mostly shoot out of my hand, weirdly clinging to the handlebar. I knew I would probably miss the most epic parts because I couldn’t get the camera out in time. Or it would be just too sketchy to take one of my hands off, grab the camera and record a couple of seconds while rolling with 60 km/h downhill an Italian mountain road with the wind blowing so suddenly and harsh from the side that my bike made s-curves.

Well, I took it with me and made exactly that. Short shots, weirdly clinging to my handlebar and missing the epic parts. Yet, when I watch the final edit I feel thrown back into the week with Dominik. 

So, here are 4 minutes with a lot of calm scenes. Please imagine our swift and curvy downhills or help yourself to some Fast & Furious action scenes in between. 

Enjoy the ride.


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