A short escape – Is this still Germany? [Rügen, 23.-25.08.2019]

“Do you know the Jasmund National Park? We should go there for a weekend!”

I have to admit in Europe I don’t know any of our beautiful parks by name, only by region. Yosemite, Yellowstone – yes, these names are everywhere, but Jasmund?

“Oh, it’s on Rügen! I’ve never been there, let’s do a camping trip.”

I guess renting the car and driving for four hours through “the German Nebraska where you can’t find a coffee shop or a gas station with a McDonald’s – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” was the most stressful part. Packing all our camping gear and planning the food ratios feel almost routine compared. So, except the Radler we bought during our hike all our food was self-prepared or brought by us. It’s amazing what you can do with a little camping stove, a good pan and olive oil. 

A long hike through the park on Saturday brought us many times off the trotted paths and by accident through fences onto the beautiful lookout of the cliffs – only to find out later that we went in from the backside and that there was actually a ticket booth to enter via the official way… “Well, 19 Euro saved for beers…?”

My personal highlight: In Sassnitz I went to the – why do we always have to pay for them? – bathrooms and saw the long waiting line at the women’s bathrooms. When I got out I told the elder ladies to go into the men’s because there were three empty stalls. Without a second they dashed for it. One tried to hold them back „we can’t do that“, but the others were already forming a troupe and had their answers ready: “There’s nothing in there we haven’t seen yet” and one lady offering „I guard the door!“

For a short weekend we spent a lot of time in the car. But you know what? The amazing night sky on both nights with the moon rising over the sea, casting a long orange shadow, that was so worth every second in the car. The whole milky glimmering above. What a wonder the universe is.

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