1.554 miles Roadtrip Los Angeles to Omaha [US trip part 3: 07.-09. September 2018]

When the canyon lands in Utah showed up in front of me for the first time I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Knowing these pictures from movies is one thing. But being part of it. It felt so unreal driving in a world like no other and I had a hard time to keep on driving while I was swept away by the view.

On our last day of driving we got over the Rockies and saw Denver and the Great Planes down below. We knew this had been the beautiful part of the drive. The next 8 hours might be a little less exciting after all the rocks, hills, mountains, canyons, rivers, bushes and trees of the last two days in desert and mountains. So we set the cruise control to 65 mph, held the steering wheel straight and started to play cows & cemeteries: 1 point for every cow/cows you see and be the first to shout out “cows!”. Kill all the points of your opponent when seeing a cemetery and be the first to shout out “cemetery”.

Welcome to the midwest.

Here is our picture summary in under 2 minutes:


[wpvideo kb0QjiSP ]

Oh, and the cats? The cats handled the road trip really really good. And they claimed every hotel room as their new kingdom.

Yet my favorite picture is this.

Taking in the very beginning at a perfect moment. Sorry, Viola, I still have to laugh when I see it.

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  1. WHat a fun road trip. Going through the canyons is one of the most dwarfing experiences I have ever had! Cats looked like they had a blast! May your future be blessed with many more adventures together!

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