New York, New York – or: “I can still be overwhelmed by a city?” [US trip part 1: 24.08.-28.08.2018]

I will never forget the first moment I stepped into New York. 

I had a couple of ideas what I wanted to do first when I would arrive in Manhattan. And I recalled these plans while I was on the train from my Airbnb in New Jersey where I had arrived after the long flight in the middle of the night to Manhattan. But as soon as I got out at Penn Station and took the stairways to the surface I was literally blasted away by New York. I couldn’t handle the feeling of being finally here. I admit, real tears made their way up to my eyes because I was emotionally swept away by the sight and the realization “I’m in New York.”. All plans were forgotten as my feet started to move around, along the avenues, between people and noises, just to catch sight of the Empire State Building and to be in awe again. 

„Lol. I’m thinking of every movie where the hero suddenly ends up in the middle of NYC,“ Bridget texted me when I told here how I feel. Yes. Now I know that feeling.

Only my stomach brought me back to here and now and gladly I marked a couple of coffee shops I wanted to try in my offline maps. One – the paper coffee – seemed to be just around the corner and I fled into it with a delicious coffee and a most friendly coffee crew. “Welcome to NYC!”

I haven’t felt life that intense in such a long time. 

[wpvideo 3KO1ayxC ]

Thanks to Michael – it’s such a great feeling to meet a good travel buddy again – and the two Nicks for being part in this super unreal first trip to New York for all of us. I learned about Drake, being the little spoon – or better “the jet pack” – and that a guys trip is only complete with a full cuddle. I’m very grateful.

Some – mostly culinary – ideas:

  • Joe’s pizza – touristic but delicious
  • Paper Coffee – fancy and super friendly
  • Levain Bakery – massively delicious cookies
  • BIGaLICe Brewing in Brooklyn – the perfect vibe
  • A game at the Yankee stadium – and a beer that’s more expensive as the Oktoberfest
  • On top of the Empire State building for the feels, and the Rockefeller Center for the views

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  1. Sounds like this was an amazing time! Enjoy your time in the western US, and then safe trip home!

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