2 months in a glimpse and new US plans

The days are incredibly hot. Our normally green grass all around is dry and yellow. I stand at the river and I miss the ocean. So much. I walk around in shorts, no shoes, no shirt and not caring about the sweat. Where is the next water to dive in and go for an encounter with fish, shellfish, sharks, dolphins, rays and more? Or just the next wave that crushes down over my head?

Bridget brought me my Hawaiian flip flops that I had left at her place back in March when I travelled north to Canada. I wear these now on hot days back in my hometown. And this little touristic gift from Waikiki gives me the travel spirit back.

Is it already 2 months? Or just 2 months?


The weeks felt long and longer since I’ve been back and my memory tries to trick me. I look in the calendar and yeah, it’s just about 2 months ago that I arrived in Berlin. I went to World FitnessDay, tried an awful protein beer, partied with friends at Pride Parade and tried myself back at work with my first project. Well, at least I know now that I’m still pretty good at what I’m doing. I love working with people, love to help them on their ideas. (You can have a look at LinkedIn if you want to know more.)

Bridget flew over for two weeks in July and we toured around Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, followed her business appointments and started planning our move to Berlin in the end of September.

Berlin was a blast although I got a throwback. After being asked again and again I successfully told friends all around the world that no, we Germans don’t drink out of glass boots. I don’t know where this image actually comes from. I’ve never drunk out of one as long as I can remember. And then it happened. When we had a beer at Stefan’s place I searched for a glass for Bridget and found it. A beer boot. My surprised face couldn’t hide it and Bridget laughed a lot of me. I should have known that a Prussian would betray me.

Did you ever have a beer out of a boot?


So many little things demanded my attention since then, finding work and finding an apartment in Berlin, and my mind drifts more often to the “what is the next step?”

“Make new travel plans. I’m preparing the next 3 travels right now to keep me happy and excited” a good friend from university told me.

It’s just two months that I’m here. But yes, August and September promise the next little adventures. And reunions. A long weekend in southern Germany, the beautiful Allgäu, will bring together the fellowship of the Alps crossing from last August. Sandra and I have been invited to Katrin and Adelheid, their mountains and valleys and I guess more than one Aperol Spritz and wine.

In the end of August I will finally see the city that never sleeps. New York City. Although I was – in North American standards – very close tp NY in May when I stayed the last days in Toronto I couldn’t make it since I spent all my visa days on the west coast – and didn’t regret it at all.

But NYC, darn, that’s an exciting bucket list item!

And it gets even better as another big reunion will take place in New York with Michael whom I’ve spent 2 weeks in New Zealand with, all along the west coast to Queenstown. One of our travel highlights was definitely the shoe swap on the last day and I’m right now wearing his old ones – no, he won’t get them back. Hehe.

3 weeks in the States will be packed with New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, a road trip through Utah and Colorado to Nebraska and last not least a wedding in Nebraska.

Road Trip.001

“You’re going on vacation again?” I hear someone say. Well, I guess to make something a good habit you have to do it frequently.

Where else should I head to in autumn and winter?



  1. Sounds like the summer has been a great one for you so far, and continues to look better and better! Enjoy NY! If you can get tickets to the Boys in the Band, you must try! A girlfriend saw it and said it was absolutely amazing, but it may be over on August 15th! Your 3 weeks in North America will go by in a flash! Enjoy your trip, and best wishes for your lives together in Berlin! Looking forward to meeting Bridget soon!

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