Toronto – 10 lines for stopover 1 of 3 [Across Canada – part 9: 17.-19.04.]

After being 2 1/2 days on the train Toronto was merely a stop to stretch my legs, breathe some air and get something for my brain before going to explore Montreal and Quebec.

So there’s not much to tell about this first stopover as there are more stops here to come and all I did so far was…

  • working out,
  • going to a Product Management event and
  • Major League Baseball! – which alone was worth the stop.

See you again, Toronto!

PS: When I felt like everything was going wrong and I couldn’t even enjoy the sunshine for a bit I found this button in the Greyhound station next to me while I waited for my bus. It lay upside down on the seat to the right and when I flipped it over I had to laugh so hard. It was the perfect description of that day. So I took it with me to leave it somewhere else once I don’t need the smile it gives me anymore.

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  1. Love this! Hope the button is found by someone with your sense of humour and adventure! Looking forward to taking you to TO in a few short days!

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