New Zealand – 10 weeks passed by in a glimpse – what’s next?

So here it is. The last day in New Zealand.

It’s crazy how 10 weeks can fly by without really noticing the time. Lucky I have pictures and this blog to remind me what wonderful things I did on my way around the islands. And how wonderful people I met along the way.

Summer in New Zealand needed to kick in during the last days to remind my what my outstanding wish was for this long travel: to get across the Pacific, explore some of its islands and especially Hawaii. To warmer weather. More ocean. More time sitting and watching the waves.

I tend to ask people I meet where their calm and recharging place is. Is it the mountains, the forest or the sea? I love all of these places and I enjoy a hike up the mountains as well as running in the woods. But as soon as you put me in front of the ocean and let me sit there I literally forget time and space and I feel home.

What is your place where your soul comes to a rest?

Concerning souls: I am happy that I had the chance to meet so many new souls during my turn around New Zealand.

Thanks to (in order of appearance) Kinly, Gustav, Anna, Ona, Vincent, Adam, Clara, Pierre, Laurie, David, Youngju, Tamasin, Johanna, Mirja, Lea, Matt, Karin, Yi Xin, Eli, Gary, Trevor, Duane, Lucile, Lisa, Ryan and “I mog di SOB” Dominik!

Thanks for filling these 10 weeks with life, for every step, every story and every smile shared. And maybe see you somewhere on this beautiful planet again.

Did I forget someone?

Of course, I did. Michael, my friend, thanks for your shoes – there are so comfy! I’ll meet you somewhere out there in 2018 for sure. Otherwise I have to come to Ohio and be totally underwhelmed by its glory.

After this long travel in one country I’m now more than excited to go to Fiji and Samoa. And Hawaii.

Anyone there to meet up?

Bye, NZ, and thank you.

I’ll be back.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your time in NZ. You will always grow your world family with that kind of attitude, and be welcomed in every corner! Enjoy your time in the sun!!!

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