Rotorua – My last new place (NZ ~ 30.11.-03.12.)

Rotorua I:

I wander through the redwood forest. An hour walk across the geothermal sulfur fields has brought me here. Such a different scenery back there to the forest I’m now in. The smell of conifers reminds me of all the parties at my grandmother’s house in the woods. I breathe in deeply and can see the backyard with the old well which was surrounded by little wood strawberries that my brother and I used to pick. My grandmother had some legendary parties in the woods. With guests as diverse as they could be. My brother and I always called her our party granny.

It’s funny how my brain fires memories that it somehow connects to the surrounding, temperature, car, views. Memories of vacations in Italy and my grandmothers’ places. My brain seems to be in the mood for bringing back these memories quite regularly during the last weeks. Good memories.

I open my eyes to the here and now again. The redwood trees stand silently with a half shade, half sun shine on their bark. It’s fascinating how similar and strange forests can be at the same time in different areas and countries.

Rotorua II:

For someone just knowing winter Christmas these warm and sunny summer days down under are pretty confusing. The Christmas Parade in Rotorua didn’t help me out of it. Adorable diverse angels, a Hare Krishna troop, Chinese drums, local sports clubs, a float with kids reenacting “how we celebrate Christmas” – with bbq, cricket and rugby at the beach – and all fire engines of the local fire brigade – what are they doing if it starts to burn somewhere now?

I gave in into my fate, joined the Christmas festival and had my mandatory Christmas market bratwurst.

Hope you’re having a nice Christmas time wherever you are!

Side note: Got a lovely picture from our township Christmas market that the guys back home are running without me this year. I think of you.

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