Sunny days in Windy Welli (NZ ~ Wellington)

I actually planned to pack the next stops of the trip together in one post but somehow my fingers refused to connect Wellington and the Abel Tasman National Park.

So this is just a short excursion to the windiest capital in the world since I don’t have a real catching story to tell about it.

What to do exactly in a bigger city in NZ? 

An example: I checked out the meetup groups and found an indoor climbing event for 15$ for 2 hours. I’ve never been climbing or bouldering so this would be my quite cheap “try out new things” in Wellington. Gladly it was another guy’s first time, too. So we teamed up and got to our safety and belaying introduction lesson. 

First time climbing. And instantly trusting a stranger to keep you safe. And in return receiving the same for keeping him safe. I learned a lot on that evening. Especially how tough your fingers and underarms have to be. And how fast they can just stop working when you’re up the wall. 

Thanks, Vincent, for not letting me fall the one time I really grasped into nothing very surprisingly for myself and you.

Wellington had a couple of other interesting meetings and conversations ready for me which summed up in my last night in Wellington. 

It was my money saving day so I went for the free supper at the pub next door to the hostel. This decision got me into an intense conversation with two girls from Catalonia while during that week the unofficial referendum and the violent interference of Spanish police took place. I might have added some provocative questions to that conversation but I enjoyed a lot listening and learning about backgrounds, fake and proofed facts. 

So after about two hours into political and socio-critical talking including a supermarkt tour I ended up in the hostel kitchen to prepare my second supper when my friend from the Alpine Crossing and Taupo, Michael [remember his name, he might appear another time], texted me to come next door – to the pub I had my first supper in. Apparently he got dragged there by friends for a beer pong tournament. Well, I have to confess I haven’t played or watched beer pong so far and that seemed like another firstling to get checked. In the end I didn’t play but got cheap and free beer before we headed through Wellington nights to the next spot – actually it was just 9:30 pm but it felt like way after midnight. 

We ended up in a nice bar with affordable drinks and 50+ and barely 21 drunken customers and just us in between the ages. The hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s were fun to dance to but the group of girls coming in and behaving like they owned the place was a bummer. And at the point that they all took their phones out to snapchat other people and their drunken selves we called it a night and headed for the obligatory chicken nuggets. The sophisticated level went down very quickly for just one evening. 

Summed up I spent 3 1/2 filled days in Wellington with exploring and running along the Harbour and Mt. Victoria, a museum stop, another coffee shop and beer bar tryout, getting a free drink for being kind in a Welsh pub with live traditional music and meeting new people and already known ones. And adding the WETA Cave to my Middle Earth voyages. 

The thing that didn’t make a step forward during my days in Wellington has been my musical challenge to learn 10 songs out of memory on my guitalele. I’m stuck with 7 so far although the calm days at lake Taupo have brought it fast forward. 

Now onto the ferry and hello to South Island!

​[wpvideo umxyFExj]​

PS: This is my recent backpacker look. 

PPS: I love boats and ships. Everytime I board a ferry during my trips I get all excited. Even days before. Crazy. 

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  1. Another wonderful adventure, and it looks like your magnetic personality continues to attract interesting people and make great friends! Enjoy your days on the Souith Island… one of our favourite places on earth!!! Keep those blogs coming!!!

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