Caught in a 5-days Singaporean sling (Sep 8th to 12th)

Sitting in a windy coffee shop in Sydney I try to recall what I want to write down about Singapore. So many things I did in such a small time frame. 

Maybe I should summarize Singapore in the 3 Fs:

  • Friends
  • Food and
  • Fun

And each of these three Fs and my days in Singapore wouldn’t have been possible without my friend, Queen of Selfies and perfect tour guide Sufen – with the quest to get the perfect first impression of Singapore and the need to come back again. Thank you!


They have been and still are the main reason why I decided to do a short stop in Singapore. Whenever during the last months I’ve been asked why I have Singapore on my list my response has always triggered the second question “Where did you get yourself a couple of Singaporean friends?”

And, well, I’ve met them in Iceland as we joined the same tour and it ended up being a Singaporean Iceland tour with two guests from Australia and Germany. Back then I learned about the art of Selfie, Wefie and “Find your own spot”. And about serenity when stopping every 5-10 minutes for taking a picture. 


There were loads of food everyday. How else could you squeeze at least the most important specialities from such a diverse country into 4 1/2 days? 

The top 3 most daring bits:

  • Chicken feet
  • Pork stomach and intestinal
  • Baby squid

And I had to go through the Durian – King of fruits – test three times because I couldn’t decide on which side I am: the love or the hate side. Well, apparently because I said yes to try it three times I am on the like side. 

But mostly during our tour we ended up being “how could we possibly eat everything that’s still on these plates?” And it still feels that I can live from these resources through the first days at Sydney.

My food summary in pictures:


What kind of fun am I talking about if friends and food have already been talked about?

Having a home stay at a lovely house, trying out all different transportations, having a long drink in the 57th floor bar, going to a night safari, practicing the 11 teeth smile (the perfect smile), going to the Tree Top walk, trying out a Fitness First club with temperatures of the Arctic, trying out the Formula 1 course by accident with a slow car, going to Karaoke and  squeezing six of us in a car.

But that’s just a bit. I got to explore a lot more special places and activities in this short time frame – what would I’ve been without Sufen and the girls who got me around town, told me bits of history and culture and put me onto the staycation resort island world of Sentosa. Which felt like Disneyland without the pressure of lining up for attractions. 


So right at the start of my backpacker journey I’ve been spoiled with no need to make decisions and two days in a 5* resort hotel. I really hope I can adjust easily to the hostel dorms again. At least I slept one night one the couch.

So was Singapore worth a stop? Yes!

Will I come back for another round? I really hope so. 

Thanks to all my friends. ♥️

PS: And I touched ocean No. 2 – the Indian Ocean. No. 3 is already waiting.


  1. Mein lieber kosmopolitischer Motterich, du geniesst dein Leben.
    Wir freuen uns, dass du deine fröhlichen Gefährtinnen aus Island wiedergetroffen hast.Viel Spass, viel Futter,viele faszinierende Erlebnisse. Weiter so! Und danke für die tollen Fotos.
    Dicker Kuss,Mama und natürlich auch Thomas.

  2. Looks like your trip to Singapore was a great one! Such a beautiful country…I never tried Durian, you’re a brave soul! But then again, look at the adventure you’re on! Enjoy everyday!!

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