Taking a deep breath in Dublin area – 7th to 11th July 2017

While my intercontinental trip will start on Sep, 9th, I still have some smaller trips to soak in confidence and good memories before. 

Escaping the hot days in Germany to take a deep breath in the coolness of Ireland was one of these “take a chance and say yes to adventure” things I was forcing myself to since last October. 

So I followed an invitation and spent 4 days in Dublin – with a wonderful hike in Bray.

Including all the side adventures of “hey, let’s take a short cut”, getting lost in head-high bushes and trespassing through barbwire to get back on the road. 

So the Irish whiskey tasting in the evening was well earned and the storytelling in the leprechaun museum most welcomed. 

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  1. Toll Fotos, großartige Seite …
    Dort wo Du mit dem Blick auf Meer und Gleise standest, stand (ungefähr) ich vor 18 Jahren am 1. April. Blaues Meer, weiße Wolken und – der wesentliche Unterschied – eine weiße schneebedeckte Landschaft …

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