All beginnings are difficult

It is time. I have a wordpress website. A blog. How did it come so far? It seems like some friends and family are actual interested in my oncoming journey. So this will be the drop-in center for everyone who wants to know where I am, And who is not into Instragram which I would really prefer to use. What so ever.

Today it has started. The planning, the booking of the first short-distance flights to Santiago de Compostela where I will go first in August to calm down and prepare for the longterm travel. And the first thoughts came in order what to prepare and get in which order. I am already overstrained.

But, hey, it will do good.

So, here we go.


  1. May you find yourself in your walk! Remember keep it slow (ish). This is a time to detox and unwind… your usual pace would have you complete it in a day! And oh yes, be on the watch for Canadians!!

    • That’s what I plan for! Well, maybe not as many breaks as I did with you guys, but definitely taking it slower.

      And I will have a lookout for Canadians. 🙂

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